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The Aviator is Jet Bowling’s newest Mid-Performance Bowling Ball.


The Aviator is Jet Bowling’s newest Mid-Performance Bowling Ball.


Finish: 2000 Grit Polished

Lane Condition: Light/Medium-Medium

Hardness: 72-76

Color: Flame Orange/Cadet Blue

CORE: Asymmetrical

Mass Bias: 0.004

RG Min: 2.580

RG Max: 2.618 RG

Diff: 0.038


***Pin Placements are 2″-3″

***Gross Weight Varies between 2oz. and 7oz.

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12, 13, 14, 15, 16

10 reviews for Aviator

  1. Jeffrey W

    Great Ball
    The ball reacts great on Medium to dry lanes. Still hits hard on multiply angles

  2. david e

    love the ball the surface off this and it hits like a truck a nice ball will buy another one.

  3. pj

    This ball looks like it hits like a ton of bricks
    I love the specs on this ball. This Aviator looks like the perfect ball for me. It goes long and is supposed to have a very strong backend. I am a military veteran and when I was a kid, I wanted to be a pilot/aviator. This ball has the right name, because it’s designed to go long and fly like an Aviator.

  4. admin

    Exactly what I was Looking for!
    The following review was sent to me by a first time Jet Bowling customer Steve Lennard of Palmdale, California.

    Jet Aviator Review:

    Ball As Tested,

    Jet Aviator 15# 3″” pin, 2 oz top weight. Bowlers PAP 5.375″” x 0.0″” up. Rev rate 400, release speed 14.3 mph.

    Layout 60 x 4 x 60

    House pattern 41′ board to 9 board medium volume. Morning oil to 41′ evening oil 30′ overlay no strip evening (10 to 10 board)

    1st test was done in evening league setting after overlay. Oil volume was medium – medium high, carry down (from open play) with Aviator at box finish
    (2000 – polish).

    Ball has uncommon hand feel, it feels medium hard to the touch, very smooth surface with little tack. I played the lane as I would normally play it with
    a medium strength rective ball. For me that is feet at 25 board, ball breaks at 7 board at 45′. The ball was breaking a little later than I’d expected, but
    seemed to hook predictably. I felt it was extraordinarily easy to get the ball to the spot. Seemed extra clean through the front of the lane
    (easily as clean as my polished Urethane) The transition way relatively quick, and the hook quite firm. The hook seemed very predictable even though the
    shape was nearly skid/fip. The ball noticably resisted rolling through the fronts (this is exactly what I was looking for- and High RG promised) and
    retained energy through the hook very well, actually excellerating after the beginning of the hook. It seemed very, very easy to get the ball to the pocket
    and I in fact did not miss the pocket through 2+ games. Carry was a little less than stellar, and I suspected that the cover needed the shine knocked off
    to fix this but I was in competition, so this was not an option.

    2nd Test Morning (only fresh 41′ house shot) I remembered the box reaction, and for this test knocked off the shine (applied an old 3000 abralon pad at
    300 RPM for 20 second per side) The ball at this finish became even more predictable, and would return from anywhere on the lane. A miss inside would hold,
    but there was a defined strong hook. A miss outside likewise simply recovered strongly and retained energy very well. I tried various other balls for a frame or two to
    compare, and was surprised to see my Puck cored pearl reactive roll out, the Aviator had not rolled out! This ball gave me that elusive
    confidence that as long as I threw a halfway decent shot, I would be rewarded for it. This is the feeling that fosters great relaxed shot making, and really helps
    your confidence.

    I shoot spares occasionally with the strike ball, using the pinky, ring finger, and thumb instead of the normal 3 finger grip, and this ball was very controllable this way
    (this is not always the case)

    In all I’m incredibly gratified that this ball has done for me exactly what I wanted and expected based on the numbers and coverstock. The cover is very easy to adjust,
    it shines really well and easily, and it sands very easily and smoothly. I wanted a high RG ball to clear the heads easily, and good differential to flare (I have a thumping
    on finger and thumb problem) and an adjustable solid reactive cover that was strong enough to carry well, and mild enough to be able to use most often.

    This ball is seriously, exactly what I would have designed if given free reign!

    Again, Todd, thanks so much for all the personal attention, and a great product. I’ve already begun showing this off (and showing it in action) and will continue to help get the word out, there’s a newer Bully on the block!

    Thanks so much,

    Steve Lennard

  5. admin

    AMAZING Ball
    this ball hits like a rock and very consistent on the lane, provides you a bit of leeway no wishy-washy excellent ball VIDEO COMING SOON!!

  6. admin

    Great one!
    I really like this ball

  7. admin

    Extremely versatile for a mid-priced ball!
    I bought the Aviator simply looking for a ball to play up the board with knowing it was geared towards drier conditions. I ended up using my standard pin down layout to add some additional control. What I got has been nothing short of awesome. If I decide to come up through the back of the ball I get a nice controlled arc to the pocket which is exactly what I wanted. The surprise came when I decided to add some additional tilt to the ball. On our standard house shot, if I really get through and around the ball I can get the Aviator to react, recover and plow through the pins with ease from almost any angle. With the high RG it effortlessly glides through the front part of the lane and with the pin down layout it picks up in the mids nicely even for a ball that really shouldn’t. If anyone is looking for a great mid level piece of equipment this is a great offering from Jet. I haven’t enjoyed a piece of equipment like this in awhile. Get one today!

  8. admin

    Excellent mid range piece.
    This ball was also laid out on the VLS system software at the pro shop I frequent. It was laid out for the burn at 70 x 4 1/4 x 30. Results were very very pleasing as this particular ball stores a lot of energy for the back end while still giving me good length on the burn. Tried it on fresh oil also with very surprising results. Despite having fresh oil this ball still came back strong storing a lot of energy even when missing target right. The ball never “set up” but still drove well and like all other Jet balls kept the pins low to the deck which is what I like. Recently I removed the polish and too it to 4000 grit matted with an undercut of 500. The ball was even better not quite as angular but did very well on fresh oil. I am very very pleased with the is product as it is very versatile. very highly recommended. Thank you – staff member Michael St. Don

  9. admin

    great ball versatile
    Very awesome ball great for heavy to medium oil I love mine 🙂

  10. admin

    Favorite JET so far
    I am newer to the JET family and bought the Aviator do to occasional dry lanes during my league. This ball by far has surpassed my expectations. I am very impressed with how this ball holds in the dry even if I get inside my line. I have never thrown a cleaner ball on dry lanes before this. Thank you jet for the great addition to my arsenal..

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