What is the Jet Staff or Crew

The Jet Staff is the highest of bowling programs for Jet Bowling. It is made for bowlers that are more seasoned bowlers and have a USBC average over 200. Being a part of the Jet Staff/Crew gets you the highest discounts on our products.

What are the Requirements for the Jet Staff/Crew?

Answer: The requirements to join the Staff are:

  • create an account on our website

  • 18 years of age or older

  • US Resident

  • USBC average of 200 or higher

  • Purchased and using Jet bowling balls

  • “like” Facebook page

  • Join our Jet Crew facebook group

  • Submitted review on our website for ball(s) purchased

  • Exceptions made for bowlers that go above and beyond and are approved by the Director of Staff and Director of Sales

Do bowlers on the Jet Staff/Crew get free equipment?

Answer: Jet Staff bowlers do not get free equipment.

Is there a Fee to join the Jet Staff/Crew?

Answer: No, there is no fee to Join or stay on the Jet Staff/Crew.

If I am on the Jet Staff/Crew, do I have to use Jet equipment Exclusively?

Answer: No, there is no exclusivity clause for Jet Staff/Crew bowlers.